PlanRamPlayer Slot*Ddos ProtectMods**Price US$Price SAR(SAWA/Mobily)Order
2048Mb (2GB)
1-40***Protected from DdosBukkit/Vanilla/Spigot**10$60 SAR
3072Mb (3GB)
1-60***Protected from DdosBukkit/Vanilla/Spigot**15$90 SAR
4096Mb (4GB)
1-80***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks20$120 SAR
5120Mb (5GB)
1-100***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks25$150 SAR
6144Mb (6GB)
1-120***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks30$180 SAR
7168Mb (7GB)
1-140***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks35$210 SAR
8192Mb (8GB)
1-160***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks40$240 SAR
9216Mb (9GB)
1-180***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks45$270 SAR
10240Mb (10GB)
1-200***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks50$300 SAR
13312Mb (13GB)
1-260***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks65$390 SAR
15360Mb (15GB)
1-300***Protected from DdosAll Modpacks75$450 SAR

* You can change the slot but we recommend you to use 20slot for every 1GB of ram

** You can install all the mod but we are not response if it didn’t work and we will not offer support for it